The Picturesque Purlieu of Dubai’s Promise Bridge

Did you know that Dubai has its own love lock bridge? Yes absolutely! Love is in the air! Indeed! And we’re not in Paris, we’re in Dubai! You can seal your love and flaunt it to the world! Inspired by the famous Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris, which was categorized as one of the most romantic places in the world and witnessed many proposals before the padlocks were removed in 2016.

Fine points about Dubai’s Promise Bridge

  • The Promise Bridge is situated in The Yard, the latest development from Meraas, the people behind the development of La MerAl Seef, the Beach JBR , Boxpark and Citywalk.
  • Pensile over a mini man-made lake, the promise bridge seems to be the wished-for destination of everyone specially couples to elongate their love.
  • The bridge has now more than 4,000 locks and it is filling up hastily.
  • Visitors can bring their own padlocks or purchase from the nearby kiosk for 10 dirhams. You can opt for different padlock design and colour, write your names, lock it, then throw the keys into the water.
  • Withal, you will love the ligneous pathway and delve into the other side to be entertained by the sublime walls similar to the animated artwork displayed in La Mer and JBR.

We hope the next time we stop by in the place we are with our loved ones 🙂

Get on your Bike, Get Moving

I presume you have read this blog. I’ve cited about the Last exit locations in Dubai, and this place is located in Khawaneej, Last Exit D89.  The Yard is like a contemporary farmer’s village. You will be captivated by the picturesque landscape, colorful benches ringed by flowers, a lake, wishing well, and the instagrammable bird houses. There are children’s playground, a bakery, distinctive food trucks and restaurants.As I walk in the green milieu, I can apperceive the relaxing ambiance and laid-back setting.

The afternoon sunset made me feel composed and carefree. The whiff of the fresh flowers is akin to panacea that gladden my inner nature. The sounds of the children playing and laughing around are like melody to my ears. I was in a great distance away from the hustle and bustle of city life. I felt the quietude and peace of mind that assuage my disquiet. We wander around while having a good talk, seized the moment and captured awe-inspiring scenes.

How to go there:

My friend and I had an audacious encounter. We took the Metro to Rashidiya Station. From there there’s a bus and taxi stations, we opted to take a bus to Khawaneej. When we reached Khawaneej we don’t know the place, we were fallen between cracks and we didn’t even realize we are in the middle of nowhere 🙂 Fortuitously, someone came to drive us to the place. We have concluded later on that it is accessible to take a taxi from Rashidiya Metro Station. You will save more time and chips. Howbeit, we are satisfied and cheered for our trip. We drastically enjoyed our adventure and quick escape from the city life.

Dubai's Promise BridgeDubai's Promise Bridge



  1. I think the lovelock bridge is quite overrated nowadays. The duplicate of Pont des Arts Bridge is quite all over the place, and the lock pad they sell in the location is usually so pricey, so definitely bring your own lock pad whenever you feel like putting it there. 😛

    However, I’m more interested to the other spots, the other side of bridge one looks really nice! 😀

  2. That is so cool that you found a Love Lock Bridge in Dubai. Darcee & I placed a Love Lock on another famous bridge in Cologne (Koln) Germany that spans the Rhine River. Looking at your pics of the bridge it looks like a new concept to hang the locks there because the one in Germany was so packed that we barely found room to hang our lock. I love the beauty of the area there too. Such a lovely concept!

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