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Hey there guys,

How is October going?

Apparently, this is my favorite month and one of the main reasons, indubitably, October is my birth month! Yesss!Uh-oh. I’m quite inspired and thrilled that we are by now in the last quarter of the year. I guess I’m literally emboldened on the grounds that I perpetually believe that the BEST IS YET TO COME. So innumerable reasons to be grateful.

I invariably praise GOD for the gift of Life.

Seems like the weather has cooled down for us this week, and I’ve been loving it. End of October is imminent that can only mean one thing: Winter is coming in UAE! Time flies! So, get ready again to take that favorite jackets,  look classy and chic in that layered outfits, and relish the cold weather.

Thus, before I kiss summer goodbye, let me share to you my conventional flair on my regular day out.  I am not a buff to branded clothes as I’ve mentioned in my previous blog post, Looking Stylish on a Budget, it’s not the brand that you are wearing, it’s the confidence.

You can be very competent and capable and still feel a lack of self-confidence, but it is possible to improve your confidence level, and it is worth trying to do so. You can do this by focusing on the positives in your life. Recognize what you are good at and try to implement those things more into your daily routine.



I remember when I was a youngster, my grandmother used to give me clothes from her trunk. We’re having a Christmas party that time, I was in a primary school. By all means, we don’t have money to buy for a new dress. She insists to wear her dress though I don’t feel like wearing it because of its old-fashioned style from 1950’s. I told her I’d rather stay at home and skip the party. Still, my grandmother always has the final say, besides,  I don’t have the power to select so I conformed. My classmates were teasing me because of my dress. I cried relentlessly until the end. Haha!vintage fashion

Whichever decade serves as your inspiration, adding some nostalgic vibes to your standout grace guarantees a look that is bold and timeless.vintage fashion

In a world that focuses on conspicuous consumption, wearing vintage is one way of acting consciously and responsibly. Enjoying the local brands or businesses is a one way of helping your countrymen and help you save money, too. You can also buy from pre-loved stores or flea market once in a while. Knowing that you have saved your dresses or other items from going to landfill is incredibly satisfying. To complete the cycle, when you are no longer wearing it, you can donate or give it to your relatives and friends.

I opt to wear blouses and cotton shirts where I can be comfortable. Being classy and smart doesn’t have to be in the dollar amount on a price tag. Whether you are wearing a 1 dollar blouse or 100 dollars shirt, it’s how you carry yourself that makes you look fabulous. Nevertheless, be mindful of the material you choose and how it lays on your body.

vintage fashion

Vintage fashion



  1. Don’t worry about what others think about what you wear. I would totally die to get my hands on vintage clothing and wear them! Sadly my grandma gave away her old clothes but thank god thrift shops exist right?

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