Session with My Blogger Friends at Hot Palayok Restaurant

Hey there guys,


Please be informed that this is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share our amazing experience with this Asian Restaurant.

So, yesterday my Blogger Friends and I had a meeting and we decided to dine at Hot Palayok Restaurant and Grill in Al Karama. The place is eminent because of its smorgasbord menu. We arrived at around 5:30 pm and the restaurant is still unoccupied. Before you enter the main entrance there is a mini playground for the kids. I’m pretty sure when you bring the kids they will be entertained and enjoy the place.  The restaurant is serving Asian cuisine with authentic Filipino and Pan-Asian recipes.

There is an array of Filipino traditional food and desserts. You will have the chance to experience authentic Filipino and Pan-Asian recipes in a restaurant that treasures the high-quality of fresh ingredients and the satisfaction of customers. Make your taste buds amused with a wide range of recipes which are quite simple and refreshing despite being sophisticated and intriguing. When we enter the restaurant, we were greeted by the congenial crews and requested to seat to start picking our food.


Satisfying variety of food from appetizer to desserts. They are serving noodles and pasta, meat, salad, seafood, “street food” – the most popular in the Philippines and other sweet treats.  You can decide to go for a buffet or a combination meal. I think the price is reasonable because you’ll have a lot of choices in 49 Dirhams. You can fill your tummies with surprising memories and satisfy your cravings.

Hot Palayok Restaurant


I love the graffiti and the interior design. The place is suitable for family and small gatherings. They also have small rooms if you prefer your meetings to be secluded and in private. The place is comfortable and not congested compared to other restaurants that are rowdy and loud.


The service is efficient and the crews are attentive. They are always ready to assist the customers and genuinely offer their best smile and service. All the crews deserve to be commended, they are all very polite and you’ll feel the warmth and hospitality.

Hot Palayok Restaurant

It’s actually my birthday yesterday and I was bewildered when they performed and dance in front of me. Even my friends were teasing me to dance. It was a laugh-out-loud moment and we could hardly recover from a roar of laughter. They even prepare a delightful cake with a birthday note. It was a remarkable and wonderful evening filled with laughter. We enjoyed the conviviality and coziness of the place. When you’re with your friends who share the same interests you will be definitely startled and completely amazed by the company. We left the place giggling and clowning with a wide smile on everyone’s face.

Hot Palayok Restaurant and Grill is actually a 10-minute walk from the ADCB Metro Station.

Behind ADCB Metro Station
Corner of 39th Street and 6C Street
Next street of Fortune Karama Hotel
Wasl Hub, Al Karama

Hot Palayok Restaurant



Keep smiling. Until Next time 🙂





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