Koreana Restaurant – An Extraordinary Occurrence

Koreana Restaurant

A hidden gem for a Korean food Fanatic like me. Tucked away just behind Sheikh Zayed Road, Koreana Restaurant is not easy to discover but it is worth the hunt.

Why Korean Food Is Having its Moment?

I love Korean food, literally. Probably because I enjoy watching Korean drama back then – forgive my epiphany but it’s true. In the Philippines,  Korean food is gaining popularity as well.  I always think their food is healthy and beneficial. Whenever I see Korean food market – filled with colorful and appetizing foodstuff or how they eat – sitting around the big round table, with lots of small and different dishes I always wanted to imitate. Perhaps they are all heart eater. Kimchi and Bibimbap ( a mixture of steamed rice, vegetables, sometimes with meat, topped with an egg with hot pepper paste) are my favorite.

Then my Darling Comrade invited me to dine at Koreana Restaurant. I suddenly think of a female Korean when I heard the name of the Restaurant. It’s kind of startling and interesting for me. I google it at once and check the Menu and of course, the price in Zomato. I also read the reviews. The location is placid and undisturbed just near Al Zahra Hospital in Al Barsha. When we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by a Filipino crew, her name is Kat (I hope I remember her name correctly). The restaurant is not crowded and they have cavernous cabins you can have a private table so it’s recommended for a family or group.

We requested for the menu and started to choose our food. It’s a bit pricey I presume, compared to Koryo in Burjuman Mall which is also a Korean fast food.

Koreana Restaurant

Nevertheless, I love the ambience. Their hot tea is superb and apt for the weather. We ordered chicken BBQ, bibimbap and noodles. The good thing about Korean food is that they always have Banchan – small side dishes served along with the cooked rice and indubitably, Kimchi is there. Take note, Kimchi is good for digestion. It contains millions of lactobacilli also known as the “good bacteria”. This is because of the process of how it is made and prepared. I have also read that eating Kimchi regularly can improve your immunity. When I practiced cleaning my gut because of the severe allergy on my face, I always include Kimchi and yogurt together with vegetables and fruits in my diet. Seventy-five per cent of our immune system exists in our digestive system due to the food and drink we put on our body. It’s also known as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory food so it’s beneficial and health-giving.


We ordered rice topped with vegetables and meat – served in a hot stone pot, Korean barbeque and noodles. Korean barbeque is tasty and appetizing. When you eat it with lettuce and chili sauce it’s succulent and palatable to your taste. And what is more, you can ask for extra side dishes for free. They also have Hot pot and steamed dishes.

Koreana Restaurant Koreana Restaurant

Koreana Restaurant


Excellent customer service. Kat, who is a Filipino crew entertains us thoroughly and very accommodating. She’s amusing and very friendly to the customers. It’s definitely worth a visit if you want to try a fancy dining Korean and Japanese cuisine. We had a sumptuous dinner and I fall in love with the place and the food.


Sheikh Zayed Road, Near Al Zahra Hospital, Al Barsha 1 – Dubai

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