International Fashion Week Dubai Season 7


The concept of International Fashion Week Dubai (IFWD) is to bring together top International designers, from all over the world under one platform to showcase their talents and add marketing value to their products, at the same time it also gives opportunities to upcoming, local and International talented designers and students from universities to showcase their talents.

International Fashion Week Dubai

It was my first time to be present at International Fashion Week with my friends and Ruby, who is also a blogger, sent me the invitation thanks to this beautiful lady we enjoyed the fashion show. It’s wonderful!

I also attended the Arab Fashion Week encouraged by my friend Jane, who is a well-known professional blogger – held at Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship, Dubai and I was stunned.

In all honesty, I am not into fashion. I love to dress and be presentable at all times specifically when I go to church to attend the service, go out or in the office. I guess it’s a one way of boosting your self-confidence, yet, I always think fashion is not just my cup of tea.  I’m writing about my personal experiences and everyday happenings and can rant about everything. Nevertheless, after seeing a few fashion shows, I’m starting to appreciate and admire the runway shows.

You applaud the models how they walk gracefully and keep on thinking why they are not smiling at all. (Because they are in character, and have been given directions by the designer to appear strong and confident – whatever the reasons.)

The international fashion week is astounding and intoxicating.

When we entered the hotel, I’ve seen the guests were dressed up in an elegant and formal style. We were greeted by a beautiful lady that I’ve concluded later on that she’s also a designer. After registering our names, we then proceed to the main room. We came ahead of time and advised to take a seat in the second row.

International Fashion Week DubaiThe show started when the VIPs arrived. The models presented the couture and designs elegantly. I love every detail of the dresses and all are captivating. The models and the designers were all active in changing clothes at a great speed. We appeared on the second day and my favourite designers are Staash Couture and Vinnette Grant.

After presenting all the designs, there was an awarding ceremony attended by the VIPs. The show was ended at around 9:30 pm which is good and earlier than expected.

It’s amazing how fascinating a show can be when you keep an open mind.

It helps you devise a concept how to enhance yourself and have a positive self-image. There is really something special about being part of the live experience. Seems like you are at a Broadway play: it is absolutely contrasting from being at home watching on TV, and it’s true.

Organized by The Opulence Events LLC, International Fashion week Dubai is held twice a year spring summer and fall winter and it regularly features in the international calendars. Held in Sofitel The Palm, Jumeirah Dubai. Each season, International Dubai Fashion Week prides itself on showcasing the most rapidly growing designers in the region who are at the forefront of fashion, including ready-to-wear and couture, from Europe and the Middle East.

International Fashion Week Dubai

International Fashion Week Dubai

International Fashion Week Dubai

International Fashion Week DubaiUntil next time,



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