I Scream for Ice Cream

It’s never too old for Ice Cream..I mean cold!Ice cream solves everything! Yes, I know Winter is coming in UAE but my craving for ice cream is till blue in the face.

When you get stressed, one thing you can do to abate it is to eat your comfort food, it pertains to me. Every time I feel jittery I opt to look for an ice cream. Here in UAE, the longest season is summer so we have a lot of ice cream stores and gelatos to choose from. I always snoop for an amiable ice cream store so I can enjoy the scene and ambiance then share it on my social media accounts particularly on my Instagram account. (Please follow me here)

So hello Instagrammers, you can also visit these places and enjoy your favorite ice cream!All you need is love and maybe a little ice cream! 😉 Because I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

  • Serendipity

Yay! You don’t need to fly to New York to visit this amazing restaurant because Dubai has it! My friends and I really love this restaurant. The interior is wondrous! I really love the ambiance.Aside from the dainty interiors, you will also love the enthralling menus and mouth-watering desserts! I really loved the ice cream, we ordered the famous forbidden broadway, it consists of chocolate blackout cake, chocolate and vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, and whipped cream, and it’s sooo good! They are also serving different kinds of pasta and salads.

Location: Citywalk

  • Morelli’s Gelato

This is also one of my favorite places! Not because of the vibrant purple semblance, (which is my favorite color) but also the mouth-watering gelato! The staff are welcoming and the ambiance is so inviting. My favorite one is Amore cup, you can choose 4 scoops of different flavors, it’s good for two persons. You can add some chocolates, fruits or nuts on the top! The sweetness is just perfect, I really love the pistachio flavor perfectly blend with chocolates and strawberries.

Location: Dubai Mall and JBR

  • Coldstone

This is also one of my favorites and also our den. Because there is a Coldstone store in Burjuman Mall so we always sneak to this place whenever we want to eat Ice cream. You can try different flavors of ice cream and mix it with your favorite toppings with amazing performances of the crews while serving. How cool is that?

Location: Burjuman Mall

  • Gelato Divino

I love their perfect blend gelato with just the right amount of sweetness. Rich, creamy and perfect gelato! You can choose from different flavors and toppings! I keep forgetting the flavor that I’ve tried but it was really nice!

Location: Dubai Mall

  • Pancake House Intl

I’ve just tried this newly-opened restaurant in Burjuman. The staff are accommodating and the ambiance is comfy. In the Philippines, I’ve always wanted to dine in Pancake House but the price is a bit exorbitant but here in Dubai, it’s worth the money. Of course, they are famous for their claim to fame pancakes, they are also serving Filipino meals and desserts!

Location: Burjuman Mall

  • Burger King / Mc Donalds

Ice cream for 1 dirham? Yes. You can enjoy and eat ice cream as much as you want! This cool, creamy, and velvety Vanilla soft serve is perfect to cool you down and satisfy your craving. This is simply a sweet and classic treat.

Location: Burjuman Mall

  • Yogurberry

This is not really an ice cream, a bit healthier than ice cream! Yes! Definitely a fresh and healthy alternative but as delicious as ice cream. I’m a fan of healthy fresh fruits and nut toppings. Indulge yourself in this refreshing treat. It’s not cheating, it’s healthy eating!

Location: Burjuman Mall




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