Friends Avenue Cafe – A Night To Remember

Hey there guys,

Have you visited this cushy Friends Avenue Cafe in the Motor City neighbourhood? I was searching for a good place to sit down to finish my blog post and this cafe popped up on my screen. I’ve checked their instagram page and I find it unusual in an interesting way. I love the interior design; its bizarre and rustic New York style concept. You can wallow in the stillness and serenity. Every now and then, you simply pant for seclusion and disencumber from entirety. You reckon and fathom that the atmosphere is obscure and chaotic that you hanker to dodge momentarily and be in insouciant existence. And when you come upon a remarkable place you abruptly feel valued and rife.

Does this happen to you, too? Do you feel the same way on occasion?

So going back to this fascinating cafe, it is a perfect place for a date, group meetings, or working on your project. Also when catching up with friends and desire to have a quick bite or sip your favourite cappuccino, it is copacetic and highly recommended. It has a nice back bar shelving and cool lighting fixtures. The place is not crowded you can actually have a conversation without disruption. I like the setting, it is intimate and warm you will absolutely revel in. What is more, you can sit outside to feel the perfect weather especially these days.

Friends Avenue CafeThe service is excellent. I’ve seen a Filipino crew and he attended our order and is very receptive. He is also very attentive to our requests and accommodating. 

Friends Avenue Cafe

Friends Avenue CafeFOOD

I believe this cafe is a good choice for burgers and breakfast. They also serve healthy and organic food. Fairly modest cafe and a good menu with some impressive twists. Well sourced ingredients, thoroughly prepared and presented. We ordered creamy gluten-free pasta and burger. I love the pasta it is literally creamy and appetizing. The portion sizes are huge and enticing.

The only gripe is that they don’t have a local mineral water so you will be compelled to order a fancy Italian water. I suggest adding this also to help the customers get a fairer deal that could go a long way to keep the clientage. I understand the vibe of the cafe is classic and fancy, nevertheless, they should make it cost-effective to the customers, too. After all, we enjoyed the cafe; the ambiance, food and serenity. We had a long and meaningful conversation.

I think they also deliver through Deliveroo, when you feel to have a healthy breakfast in an unconventional way, you can try this cafe for a variation.

That’s all, for now, my loves, I will be off for two weeks for my short vacation but I swear when I come back I have full of stories and exciting adventures to share. I am rather agitated and delighted for the moment. I invariably praise God for everything.

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Friends Avenue Cafe

Friends Avenue Cafe Friends Avenue Cafe



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