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I hope you all have a meaningful holiday season with your family and loved ones sharing the joy and LOVE to everyone. Christmas is all about Love – I guess this is the great essence of the season and of course, to celebrate the birth of our Saviour. This time of the year, we may feel nostalgic especially when we are away from home. Yet, happiness is a state of mind, such a cliché, but true. We all have the reasons to be joyful because of innumerable blessings.

Anyhow, I have a question: Guys, have you tried this Yo! Sushi Japanese Restaurant in Dubai Mall? I haven’t tried it yet. Then on Christmas Day I left the office early and went to the Dubai Mall. My friend and I discovered an awesome place to eat that literally filled our hearts and tummies with gladness. And, would you believe it? We had a feast and indulge ourselves 😀

Yo! Sushi Restaurant has an amazing offer!

Yo! Sushi Dubai

EAT ALL YOU WANT! on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays and it’s perfect timing because it was on Tuesday.

So we were delighted and thrilled to do lunch. To be fair, I am not a sushi lover. I am more keen to Korean and Chinese food. Yet, we were craving and wanted to give it a try.

We started to choose from the menu when the staff approached us. I am elated to bite everything. It’s all appetizing and inviting! And what makes it more astonishing?

You can simply pick from the conveyor belt or moving table to serve yourself. I started with Edamame and California Temaki, then I ordered miso soup and seafood fried rice. It’s literally AMAZING! The moment I sat down and started to grab my preferred little bowl – I could not STOP – I swear! Haha!

I kept on choosing and seizing my new plates and savour everything! This is a rare and extraordinary occasion. I love the conveyor belt sushi bar concept, they have great options and an assortment of bite-sized fresh sushi. You can also order from the menu, which you can have a choice of hot and cold to experiment. I also enjoyed the crispy Salmon skin, as expected because it is a salmon, I just can’t get enough. Food is refreshing to the senses at a reasonable price. They actually charge you according to the colour of the plates. Nevertheless, be aware and observant or else you will be startled when you receive the bill. The portions are small and naturally, you want to taste and try everything, therefore, you’ll end up eating a lot in a plate that ranges from 15 to 28 Dirhams.

Yo! Sushi Dubai

We were giggling and laughing aloud when we saw the bill. Total bill was 946.50 Dirhams. Can you imagine what will happen if they don’t have a promo? That was FANTASTIC! We literally ate A LOT! Probably because it’s Christmas? or we simply exploited the EAT ALL YOU WANT? Haha! What do you think guys?

The Filipino crew who issued the bill was also laughing apparently she was astounded and haven’t foreseen how we love feasting! 😀


The staff are amazing and very efficient. They are pretty quick for our order and requests. I enjoyed conversing to one of the Filipino crews, she is very accommodating and amiable. We will definitely come back and recommend this Japanese restaurant to our friends and family. It was a great occurrence for us, undeniably.Yo! Sushi DubaiYo! Sushi DubaiYo! Sushi Dubai

Yo! Sushi DubaiAll things considered, we had a wonderful fellow feeling and bond that will be forever cherished in Yo! Sushi Restaurant. Hence, I’m giving them two thumbs up! That was the best moment we shared on Christmas Day.

You can find Yo! Sushi Restaurants in Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Mirdif City Center, Dubai Festival City, Burjuman, Ibn Battuta Mall, and Marina Mall.

Happy Holidays and May you have a wonderful and Joyous New Year! Enjoy!

Yo! Sushi Dubai
Because my heart is full of gladness I am ending my story with a selfie 🙂



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