Experience the Sweet Treat at The Dessert Museum

The Dessert Museum

Hey guys,

How are you? I had a worthwhile but fleeting vacation in the Philippines, though I missed you all and I am thrilled to share my short trip and hasty adventures with you. I only had two weeks in the Philippines, nevertheless, I managed to make the most of my time: got a few days to stay in Manila then spent the rest of my vacation in my hometown, Marinduque. I’ve also seen the newly improved Boracay Island which will be posted on my next blog, and the reason why it is the most renowned beach in the Philippines. Some of the establishments are under construction but it is relatively complete. Undoubtedly, it is unfailingly gratifying and refreshing to be home with your family. I also visited the glamorous DESSERT MUSEUM in Manila with my lovable cousins and we definitely had a wonderful time.

And apparently, my motivation to take a short break – to visit the Dermatologist. I invariably praise God for removing the red patches on my face.

ANYHOW, Let me share YOU some insights in the sweet wonderland – THE DESSERT MUSEUM

There are EIGHT Mouthwatering rooms and each room is filled with sweetness and fun! You have entitled to avail six DESSERTS from the eight rooms: Doughnut Room, Mallows Room, Candy Cane Room, Gummy Bear Room, Cotton Candy Room, Ice Cream Room, Cake Pops Room, and Bubble Gum Room.

The gummy and the ice cream are my favourite rooms. I’m pretty sure you will love it too especially when you have kids. I love the pastel colours and the lively backdrop. I think the museum is exciting and appealing when you visit it once if not, changing the themes and designs once in a while is a brilliant idea. The place is brimming with perky and charming motif related to each room and I should say it is Instagram worthy.

  1. Make sure to CHARGE your cameras or phones when you visit the DESSERT MUSEUM – so you can capture every angle! They only allow a maximum of two hours to visit the rooms.
  2. Bring your FRIENDS – the MORE the merrier!
  3. WEAR comfort shoes – so you can caper and hop inside the rooms.
  4. Prepare your APPETITE – You will be eating sweets and sugar-filled desserts!
  5. Always SMILE and camera-ready – don’t be reticent to unleash your inner child.

I adore the vibrant and colourful themes; a fascinating concept. We seize every corner and the best moments. One of the most Instagrammable places you can visit in Manila. I suggest to keep on modifying the themes and sprinkle some magic and extraordinary arrangement so people can come back again. I’ve also noticed the cost is kind of pricey, I wish they can make it fairly economical especially for the students and kids who aspire to visit the Museum. Still, I love the place and we had an awesome experience.

The Dessert Museum
Before you enter this Room, you’ll get to choose which door to get in: Naughty (Pink Door) or Nice (Blue Door) both will lead you to the sweetest Candy Cane Room.

The Dessert Museum

The Dessert Museum
Fly me to the moon? 😊

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