Arabian Tea House Cafe: A place of bliss

I woke up a bit early Saturday morning and unexpectedly yearn to wander and delve into Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. Precipitately took a quick shower and put on my pants to start my peregrination. I’m living in the area for almost five years yet still need to discover a few places. I love this neighborhood since you can find everything you need, i.e., flashy shops, hospital, restaurants, and supermarkets. Al Seef is also nearby where you can loosen up and experience the comfort and coziness. With its more laid-back atmosphere and proximity to the creek, you will be inspirited and visit the place often.Arabian Tea House Cafe

I’ve already mentioned in my previous blog posts that Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood reflects the traditional style of life that was prevalent in Dubai from the mid 19th century till the 1970s,  there you can find Dubai Museum and Best Souks, too. I have seen Bastakiya several times but did not have time to visit Arabian Tea House Cafe. This coffee shop fascinates me because of its classic and straightforward surface. When I entered the cafe, I was greeted by two charming ladies with a full smile on their faces. They are very warm and welcoming. In a small passage before entering the main area, lots of pictures of old Dubai are hanged in the wall. Gazing at the pictures, I was impressed with the humble beginnings of Dubai.


I went inside and got stunned by its wonderful ambiance with a white and blue concept. Seems like I’ve found a clandestine garden in the middle of the city. The green bushy ceiling, the comfy sofa, the jazzy lights, and the natural lighting will get you dazed. The decor is unflappable something akin to an oasis covered with lattice ceiling in an outdoor courtyard with foliage, encircling my innocuous soul.Arabian Tea House Cafe Arabian Tea House Cafe



I ordered Healthy breakfast and it was good. The service is efficient and the crews are friendly and entertaining. I also requested pancakes served with fresh fruit and syrup, it’s quite amazing. I have perceived the satisfaction and pleasure from everyone while eating, what is more, the cafe is not crowded. I visited the tea house alone and sat in the corner, looking at the setting I surprisingly miss home. Arabian Tea House Cafe

I’ve noticed guests are mainly tourists; a few are quite curious about the place, some are excited about the food, and others are busy capturing the best time with their loved ones. I can see the delight and excitement on everyone’s face.

Arabian Tea House Cafe is the best place for breakfast and dinner. If you want to experience breakfast in an Arabian way, I highly recommend this cafe, you will definitely have an extraordinary encounter. Outside the cafe, there’s a picturesque setting where you can take photos and feel the warmth of the surrounding. How about sipping your favorite coffee or tea while enjoying the serene backdrop? That’s amazingly perfect.

At the back of the Tea House, you can explore Bastakiya, old structures and rich perennial souk that will truly kindle your spirit. Dubai is a culturally rich city and they are preserving the antiquity despite being known for its luxury and ultramodern architecture.Arabian Tea House Cafe Arabian Tea House Cafe


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