5 Gorgeous Ways to Wear Your Hermès Scarf

Hermes Scarf

Too beautiful to be regarded as ephemeral.

A Hermès scarf is an iconic accessory stitched with a strong sense of history and luxury. I admire the art and creativity. Beautiful things made to last. Indeed. It’s pricey to some extent but well worth every penny. You may think of it as a great investment. Their printed silk scarves, in particular, are highly fancy and you’ll love every detail. But mine is just a Christmas gift from My “Kuya” Elmer so I’m feeling blessed (Haha!)

Adding this emblematic and luxurious scarves can instantly change your look from ordinary to effortlessly chic. They’re so versatile, with endless ways to wear them, appropriate for office and casual look. I’ve listed 5 ways how you can put your Hermès scarf to good use.

When you check their website, they have all the videos how to put on Hermes scarves including tutorials, how-to illustrations and more. Nevertheless, I want to share with you why I am passionate about it.


Simply fold the scarf like a band, pull the two corners then tie it behind your neck. Easy breezy beach look, happy-go-lucky look, or carefree look, the Hermès scarf is a splendid accessory at the beach or anywhere. Perfect for summer, too.

Hermes Scarf



It can add a twist to your ordinary look. With limitless possibilities of how to tie it around the neck. You pair it with a basic top, a classic button-down, a tailored jacket or a basic casual dress. Your favorite accessory to enhance your flair.

Hermes Scarf

Hermes Scarf


Wear that elegant look! Add a new life to your well-loved leather shoulder bag. Looks best on plain, solid coloured bags and let the scarves do the talking.

There are so many ways to wear it as a handbag accessory:  Wrap the scarf around the top handle, cross body strap, or a bandana looped around your ladylike bag will absolutely make that sophisticated look.

Hermes Scarf
Credit to Owner



Whether you are wearing a plain-coloured dress or a ripped pair of skinny jeans and sneakers, your Hermès scarf can definitely be added to create that ultra-chic style. Fold the scarf in the middle and twice more to achieve that smaller width, wrap the scarf around the wrist twice then tie a knot on the top of the wrist so that the ends hang on top of the arm.

Hermes Scarf
Credit to: www.emotis.fr
Hermes Scarf
Credit to Owner


Wrap it around your waist and wear it as a belt, or as a top with a ton of varieties and styles (one shoulder, tank top, backless, or even make your own dress). Tie the two scarves together over both of your shoulders then add a belt. VOILA! Now you have created that finesse look from your favorite Hermès scarves then pair it with your Hermès shoes. Don’t forget to wear your best smile.
Hermes Scarf Hermes Scarf

And I would like to express my gratitude to these wonderful people. You are all very supportive (Haha!) Lovelots 😉



  1. Such a beautiful ways these are. I am truly inspired and would be looking forward to wear my scarves like this. I love the way you have used your scarf as a hand bag accessory and also as a bracelet. Thanks a lot for sharing. I am exploring your blog for more creative ideas now 🙂

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